Abril Azul Y Garanza (2019)

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Region - Caracastillo, Navarra, Spain

Grapes - 85% Tempranillo, 15% Merlot

Alcohol - 13.5%

Age of vines - 30yrs

Viticulture - Organic (certified)

Suitable for vegans - Yes

Winemakers - Maria Barrena & Dani Sanchez

The grapes for the wine come from a low-yielding vineyard geographically influenced by Europe's biggest desert the Bardenas Reales.

The arid clay soil mixed with the dry weather and varied night/day temperatures provide the grapes with a high concentration and perfect balance.

The grapes for this wine are macerated for 15 days. After pressing the wine is transferred back to concrete vats to age for around 9 months before bottling.